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advantages of repackaging

with our custom packaging solutions, customers can both save time and minimize waste utilizing more manageable sizes and reducing disposal costs. repackaging also decreases epa and osha concerns -- less waste means lower environmental impact, and those using the repackaged product are not exposed to the chemical agents.


our dual-pack systems saves material and minimizes waste by keeping the product from curing until it goes through the static mixer.


the semkit has the material already portioned in to appropriate ratios, reducing the amount of handling required - just mix in cartridge and start using.

over 100 packaging configurations


  • 1 cc through 60 cc
  • single component material
  • full assortment of needles

techkits (semkits)

  • injection kits: 2-1/2 oz - 6oz - 8oz - 1/10gal - 20oz
  • barrier kits: 2-1/2 oz - 6oz - 8oz -
  • 1/10gal - 20oz
two component materials

system ii (side-by-side) cartridges

two component materials
50ml - 75ml - 200ml - 300ml - 400ml - 600ml - 750ml
1:1 ratio
2:1 ratio
2.5:1 ratio
4:1 ratio
5:1 ratio
10:1 ratio

paint touch-up kits

bottle kits, any size, with or without brush in lid.

our product or customer may furnish their own.

paint aerosols

any size, any color.

we will furnish paint or customer may furnish.

can kits

  • any size
  • adhesives
  • paints
  • fluids
  • lubricants

collapsible tubes

single component materials

from 2gm up

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